Achievements and Scope



Rua Manuel da Nóbrega, 1280-3° andar. São Paulo, Brasil

Company overview

Naohiko Imagawa

Established: 1972
Location: São Paulo
Capital: 4.01 million reals
Number of employees: 80

How Construtora Toda do Brasil S/A can be of assistance

Construtora Toda do Brasil is based in São Paulo, South America's largest city, which has a population of over 11 million. Since its founding in 1972, the company has earned the trust not only of Japanese companies in Brazil, but of North American, European, and Brazilian ones as well. Construtora Toda do Brasil has completed over 600 construction projects all over Brazil.
Since the company's founding, several other Japanese general contractors have entered the Brazilian market, but each was unable to adjust to changing social conditions and had to withdraw.
As of 2008, Toda was the only Japanese general contractors in Brazil.

Through the Toda network, consultation in Japan regarding construction conditions in Brazil and possible entry into that country is available. Furthermore, Construtora Toda do Brasil has staff members, including Japanese expatriates, who are proficient in Japanese. The company's personnel are able to provide a full range of services, from selection of possible construction sites, to applying for permits and filling out applications, to design, construction, and maintenance.
Moreover, Construtora Toda do Brasil has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, ensuring the provision of the highest quality along with environmentally-sound construction.

Overseas construction projects involve various risks in terms of quality, time for completion, unfamiliar systems, and so on. Brazil is no exception, but Construtora Toda do Brasil's expertise accumulated over many years enables it to help clients successfully address and avoid risks.