Indoor environments comprise aspects such as temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, chemicals, sound, and light.
This page showcases Toda Corp.'s various forecast, control, and measurement technologies used to achieve comfortable and functional indoor environments.

Interior acoustics design technologies

Acoustics CAD system

Sound-related demands -- for richer music, easier-to-hear voices, prevention of unwanted noise, and so on -- are becoming stricter and more advanced. Ours is an age that is sensitive to comfortable sound and to quiet.
Toda Corp. applies its diverse technologies and rich expertise related to sound to work as a trusted partner from the planning stage. The company can help realize even latent client needs.

Airflow analysis technologies

An example of natural ventilation analysis

With living environments becoming more comfortable and products growing in precision, client needs regarding indoor and outdoor environments are diversifying and becoming more advanced.
In order to meet these needs, Toda Corp. utilizes high-precision heat and fluid simulations.

Indoor chemical contamination response system

CONSIM.NeT indoor air pollution forecasting system

Toda Corp. takes a number of steps during design, construction, and handover to address the problem of indoor air pollution for chemicals such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Based on the concept of Human Designing that Toda Corp. advocates, the company takes measures against pollution from chemicals that threaten health in order to provide indoor environments for comfortable living.