Full infrastructure is necessary in order to live rich and comfortable lives. Toda Corp. puts its rich experience and diverse technologies to work by actively proposing new construction, maintenance, and improvement of the infrastructure that supports society in order to meet people's needs.

Shield tunneling technologies

Improvement of railway and road infrastructure in urban areas requires that attention be paid to economy, the environment, and scenery.
Toda Corp.'s shield tunneling technologies and experience are contributing to underground infrastructure such as subways and urban highways.

Mountain tunneling technologies

Mountain tunneling technologies suitable for constructing tunnels in mountains with hard rock layers were adopted in Japan beginning in the 1970s. To date, many improvements have been made, including the incorporation of environmental concerns.
Toda Corp. is applying its technologies and experience to solving problems with mountain tunneling, such as reducing noise and vibration and controlling over-excavation.

Marine civil engineering technologies

As part of the demonstration of offshore floating wind power generation, a project sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan's first offshore floating wind power turbine(2.0MW) is in operation off the coast of Kabashima Island, Goto City in Nagasaki. It is 172-m long and 96-m high above sea level. Its floating structure has a maximum diameter of 7.8m and weighs about 3,400 tons.