Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

The first grid-connected floating offshore wind turbine in Japan

Floating offshore wind turbine

TODA developed the first grid-connected floating offshore wind turbine in Japan and it’s also the world’s first hybrid spar-type floating offshore wind turbine .

Potential of floating offshore wind turbine in Japan

It is estimated that floating offshore wind turbine in Japan have the potential to generate approximately 1,319,000 MW of electricity. Therefore, TODA has decided to enter the offshore wind business.

Location of the wind turbine

This wind turbine have been installed on Fukue Island of Nagasaki Prefecture.
In the future, because of the island’s small population, we will be able to generate more electricity than needed on the island.


This wind turbine uses stable winds at sea to generate electricity. The annual average wind velocity in this area is 7.5 m/sec. Typhoons pass through this part of the sea nearly every year, but the wind turbine has never suffered any damage.


Part of the generated electricity is converted to hydrogen for use. We are also developing fuel cell boat to widen the applications of hydrogen.


“TODA aims at realizing a decarbonized society through all its business activities”

Where are we?

Our initiatives for decarbonization

Results of CO2 emissions reduction

Where do we want to go?

SBT (Science Based Targets), our goal to reduce CO2 emissions.
TODA became the Japanese construction industry’s first company to acquire SBT certification, and we have announced our commitment to the Paris Agreement.

How do we get there?

ZEB (net Zero Energy Building)

To test technology to achieve ZEB, TODA built an environmental technology testing building at our Technical Research Institute, and we are implementing and verifying energy conservation technologies. In recent years, as customers’ awareness has changed, an increasing number of private enterprises have requested ZEB.

Partnerships with non-governmental entities

Regarding cooperation with non-governmental entities, TODA participates in various decarbonization-related activities alongside other private companies. For example, we have joined the Japan Climate Leader’s Partnership (Japan-CLP) and the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI), both of which are groups of firms that aim to achieve decarbonization.