Toda Corp. aims to actively conserve and regenerate natural environments, working for clean water and abundant greenery in balance with 21st century human society. The company aims to build environments where human beings can coexist with biotopes and other aspects of nature.


A biotope on factory grounds

A biotope as a rooftop amenity

"Biotope" is a word that has become popular in Japan.
As seen in its Greek root words "bios" (life) and "topos" (place), biotope originally meant a habitat for living things. In recent years, however, it has come to refer most often to lost habitats that has have been restored or recreated by human beings.
Toda Cop. is working on a number of biotopes, from large ones covering several hectares to small ones covering the roofs of buildings.

Water retentive pavement system "Eco Cooling Pavement"

A water retentive pavement system incorporates water-retaining materials inside the pavement.
As the water held by this material evaporates, the vaporization heat inhibits temperature rises on the pavement's surface.

Rooftop greening technology

Toda Corp.'s thin-layer rooftop greening system is a thin, lightweight lawn system with excellent water retention. It comprises water-retaining pallets, nonwoven fabric, TN light soil, and vegetation. In addition to grass, groundcovers such as dichondra are available.