Japan is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries.
Toda Corporation has developed numerous structural technologies in this earthquake-prone nation, and thus can offer its clients safety and peace of mind.

*Structural assessment has been obtained under Japanese law. For application outside Japan, confirmation of accordance with local laws is necessary.

Super high-rise reinforced-concrete technology (Super HRC System)

The Super High-performance RC High-rise Housing System (Super HRC System) is reinforced-concrete technology for super high-rise buildings. Its development has emphasized high-strength materials, seismic isolation and vibration control, and precasting.

  • It achieves economical high-rise housing while providing the wind-vibration resistance of reinforced concrete.
  • High-strength materials and slabs with differences in levels enable the achievement of flexible living spaces.
  • Precast parts make for outstanding durability and long-lived frameworks.

Concrete-filled steel tube construction

The Super CFT construction method (Toda's CFT with steel reinforcement) installs high-strength steel rebar inside steel tubes to further strengthen the concrete that goes inside CFT columns. This improves upon ordinary CFT construction in terms of stress resistance, toughness (deformation performance), and fire resistance, enabling smaller column cross sections.

  • Improved safety
    Earthquake resistance is improved by wrapping the columns' concrete in both reinforcement and steel tubes, which prevents brittle destruction of the concrete.
  • Improved livability
    Making column cross sections smaller enables floor space to be used more effectively in high-rise housing complexes, achieving better living environments. Super high-rise housing complexes over 200 meters tall can be achieved with column cross sections of 90cm angles.
  • Improved economy
    Insertion of high-strength rebar into steel tubes enables reductions in the thickness of the expensive tubes. Construction is thus less expensive than with the conventional method. Furthermore, because fire resistance is better than with steel-frame construction, thinner fire-resistive coating can be used.

Seismic isolation structure

When an entire building is placed on a soft seismic-isolation device, the harsh shaking of an earthquake is transformed into a gentle swaying. This lessens damage to the building itself, as well as preventing the destruction or toppling of furniture and other household items.
Toda Corp. has a diverse array of seismic isolation devices, enabling selection of the optimal system for each building.
Toda Corp.'s TO-HIS construction method combines multiple seismic isolation devices into an inexpensive, high-performance seismic isolation system.