Cultural facilities on the lower floors and offices on the 20 upper floors


The office feels conducive to something creative and exciting happening there.

The entrance has a calm, elegant atmosphere, in contrast to the bustle of the main street.
The sophisticated space will make people feel mentally prepared for work. In addition, fulfilling communal areas, including the cafeteria and lounge,
which will support business life, and wide open office spaces will help people perform at their best.
The safe, reliable seismic-isolated RC core-wall structure will protect corporate assets, while the highly flexible floor plans will support corporate activities.

Office entrance
The open-ceiling entrance to offices on the 2nd floor will feature an elegant atmosphere.
Business support facilities
A tenants’ exclusive cafeteria and a wide range of business support facilities will be located on the 13th floor.
Office space
The office space will command a comfortable view of the business district in Tokyo.


The wide open
1F: Entrance lobby The wide open, 15-meter-high open-ceiling space will have a work of art exhibited there. In addition, large images will be projected on its wall.
The elegant porch
B2F: The elegant porch offers direct access to your office floor.
Exclusive reception counters
2F: Tenants can set up exclusive reception counters at the entrance to offices.


The standard floor area will be approx. 2,384 ㎡.
It will be an open, column-free space that will cater to diverse business needs with leading-edge office specifications.

Ceiling height of a standard floor Ceiling height of
a standard floor
2,900 mm(*Special floor: 3,200 mm)
Ventilation Ventilation Introduce a natural ventilation system
Illumination Illumination LED illumination
(Automatic dimmer control with a daylight sensor)
Floor load Floor load 500 kg/㎡(Heavy duty zone: 1,000 kg/㎡)
OA floor OA floor Height= 100 mm(*Special floor: 300 mm)
Capacity of electrical outlets Capacity of
electrical outlets
50 VA/㎡(Addition of 15 VA/㎡ possible)
Earthquake performance objectives Earthquake
performance objectives
RC core-wall structure
Inner stairs Inner stairs Installation possible
*Special floors[13th, 23rd, and 27th floors]

Detailed air-conditioning zoning,
with each zone being approx. 50㎡

In rooms for rent, air conditioners will be allocated based on partition lines, which will divide a floor into six partitions. Detailed air conditioning zoning will be enabled by a variable air volume(VAV)system, which will permit switching between On and Off, temperature control, and air volume control for each one of 56 zones, each being approx. 50㎡. A latent/sensible heat separating air conditioning system will be adopted to provide comfortable office spaces with appropriately controlled temperature and humidity.

Air-conditioning zoning

A security system and prevention of elevator congestion

A safe, reliable non-contact IC card key and a destination-based elevator control system will be adopted. The destination-based elevator control system will prompt passengers to board specific elevator cars based on their destination floors, so as to improve the efficiency of transportation and prevent congestion in the morning.

Security system


PLAN1 Activity-based working(ABW)floor plans for diverse workstyles

Activity-based working(ABW)floor plans

152 seats with 15.7 ㎡/person

Number of seats Regular seats 149 seats
         Executive room 3 rooms
Meeting area 40 areas
Meeting rooms/
Reception rooms
1 room for 26 people
1 room for 24 people
1 room for 21 people
1 room for 10 people
1 rooms for 8 people
7 rooms for 6 people

PLAN2 An island-type floor plan featuring high space efficiency

An island-type floor plan

252 seats with 9.5 ㎡/person

Number of seats Regular seats 249 seats
         Executive room 3 rooms
Meeting area 40 areas
Meeting rooms/
Reception rooms
1 room for 24 people
1 room for 18 people
3 rooms for 10 to 12 people
2 rooms for 8 to 9 people
9 rooms for 4 to 6 people