1881 Foundation: Toda-kata Construction was founded by Rihei Toda, who became the first president.
1908 Company renames itself from Toda-kata to Toda-gumi.
1909 Toda participates in the building of facilities for the Anglo-Japanese Fair in London.
1914 Company participates in the construction of facilities for the Taisho Exhibition (Tokyo) and for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition (San Francisco).
1936 Incorporation: Company is reorganized as Toda-Gumi Co., Ltd.
1958 Technology Research Dept. (now Toda Institude of Construction Technology) is established.
1962 Toda Corporation implements an overseas training system.
1963 Company is renamed Toda Corporation.
1969 The company's stock is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1970 Company builds nine pavilions, including the Swiss pavilion, for Expo '70 in Osaka.
1971 The company's stock is transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1972 Construtora Toda do Brasil and Toda America, Inc., is established.
1981 Company celebrates its 100th anniversary and fully introduces TQC for corporate improvements through quality control.
1988 Company participates in the construction of the Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama, Japan's first building project involving foreign contractors (completed in 1991).
Thai Toda Corporation Ltd. is established.
1991 Toda announces its policy of providing the best quality in Japan for the same price.
1993 The Hanoi Representative Office opens in Hanoi, Vietnam.
1994 Toda announces its Global Environment Charter.
1995 Toda becomes Japan's first general contractor to acquire ISO 9001 certification.
1999 Toda acquires ISO 14001 certification.
Toda agrees to form a business alliance with Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd.
2000 Toda becomes Japan's first company to achieve zero emissions at construction sites.
2006 125th anniversary since establishment.
2009 The Overseas Division is established.
2009 Toda Vietnam Co.,Ltd is established.
2012 Southeast Asia Regional Head Office opens in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
2013 Toda acquires ISO/IEC 27001 certification.
2015 The Yangon Representative Office opens in Yangon, Myanma.
2016 130th anniversary since establishment.
2019 Toda joins the initiative of RE100.
Overseas branch is established.
PT Toda Group Indonesia is established.