Privacy Policy

Toda Corp. Privacy Policy

Toda Corp. recognizes the proper protection of personal information as an important obligation. In order to fulfill this obligation, Toda Corp. handles personal information in accordance with the following policy.

1.Along with strictly following the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations regarding personal information, Toda Corp. follows generally accepted customs for the appropriate handling of personal information. Furthermore, Toda Corp. works appropriately to improve its handling of such information.
2.Toda Corp. thoroughly familiarizes its personnel with the need to strictly follow laws regarding the handling of personal information. Furthermore, Toda Corp. requires its business partners to properly handle personal information.
3.When Toda Corp. handles personal information, it designates the purposes of such handling and gives notice or makes announcement. Toda Corp. handles personal information only for such designated purposes.
4.Toda Corp. carries out necessary measures and appropriate oversight to prevent the leaking, loss, falsification, etc., of personal information.
5.When Toda Corp. receives a request from an individual for disclosure of personal information it holds regarding that individual, after confirmation of identity, it shall respond in good faith according to applicable law.