A Message from Toda's President

Becoming a general construction company that paves the way toward the future and addresses social issues

We would like to thank our customers and all stakeholders for the continued support.
Today, the construction industry has an increasingly important role to play, such as in efforts to strengthen national resilience and to respond to changes in working styles in the post-COVID-19 era. In addition, the ongoing globalization of society and the economy requires strategic and dynamic action that also takes sustainability into account.
With customers facing a growing variety of issues and demanding faster solutions than ever before, the Toda Group has drawn up “CX150” as its vision for the future, looking ahead to 2031, the 150th anniversary of the company’s founding. We aim to take this vision as a basis for “bringing about a society of collaborative creation as a gatekeeper of value,” and we are determined to offer “experiential value” that exceeds expectations by restructuring the value we have provided to date and creating the value we will provide in the future.
The Toda Group will continue to contribute to the development of society and the enhancement of stakeholder value through construction by doing its utmost to ensure safety, quality, and the environment, while at the same time striving for sustainable growth in line with the Basic Policies on Sustainability.
As we strive to become a general construction company that creates the future and solves social issues, we would like to ask for your continued custom and support.
Otani Seisuke
President and Representative Director