ESG Management

The Group is promoting ESG management to realize our Global Vision: A corporate group that realizes “joys.”
Our group is committed to solving social issues through our core business and are contributing to creating a safe,secure, comfortable, and sustainable society.

The Toda Group’s ESG Management

On a solid corporate governance foundation, the Group is promoting environmental and social initiatives through its diverse business activities. As part of this effort, actively addressing various goals that lead to solving social issues such as CO2 emission reduction and defining the targets that require focused attention with creating opportunities for an open assessment of their achievements, we aim to constantly improve ESG management. With these kinds of specific measures, we aim to achieve steady medium- to long-term growth and contribute to the sustainable development of society, customers, and the Group.

Priority Initiatives for Implementing ESG and SDGs Management

As the sustainability of companies and society as a whole is called into question, the Group has established priority activities to promote ESG and SDGs management and has also set specific targets in the Medium-Term Management Plan 2024. The SDGs,which set out issues that international society should address by 2030, are closely linked to the Group's management policies,strategies, and business activities, and there are many areas where we can contribute to solving them. We are working to ascertain and lay out the relationship between the SDGs and our business activities, taking into consideration the issues in each country where we operate as well as in the value chain as a whole.
The Group, by leveraging the tangible and intangible assets and strengths it has cultivated over the years, will enhance its corporate value and help provide solutions for a wide range of social issues through all of its corporate activities.

Building Systems to Promote Sustainability

As the environment in which companies operate undergoes major changes, the Group is building an organizational structure for integrated management and promotion of sustainabilityrelated activities in order to further speed up and develop the ESG and SDGs management that it has been pursuing so far. A new system will be established to incorporate the perspective of sustainability into corporate management and to address, on a company-wide, cross-sectional basis, those issues that have been difficult to deal with under the conventional vertically divided divisions and organizational structure.
As part of this effort, we have established the Sustainability Committee, which oversees and guides the executive body as a supervisory body, and the Sustainability Strategy Committee, which among other duties, formulates basic policies on sustainability as an executive body. We have also established sub-committees for “Benefits,” “Environment and Energy,” “Social Activities,” and “Governance” to carry out our activities. In addition to the practices of ESG and SDGs management, such as discussion under this new framework of increasingly important climate change-related issues, assuming a 1.5°C target, we will work together as a company to pursue sustainable economic value (benefits) and enhance corporate value in a synergistic manner.