Toda Vietnam Company Limited

Ho Chi Minh Headquarters
10th Floor, Star Building, 33ter-33bis Mac Dinh Chi Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Branch / office

Hanoi branch
2FL VNCC Building 243 De La Thanh, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da Dist, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

What Toda Corporation Can Do

In 1993, we began numerous construction projects as a Hanoi representative office. In 2009, we reorganized the organization to further strengthen customer response by opening a local subsidiary, Toda Vietnam Co., LTD. in Ho Chi Minh City, in which we have a 100% equity stake.
Our service is provided throughout Vietnam not only from Ho Chi Minh City, but also from Hanoi, where our branch is located. Our experienced employees dispatched from Toda Corporation are the central players in helping our customer to establish a base in Vietnam.
We are good at building factories based on our extensive experience in Japan, but we also have received praise from the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction for our proactive efforts to transfer technology, focusing on quality control and safety management, in places where we assisted in social infrastructure development, such as building hospitals and schools through Japan's Official Development Assistance works.
In addition, Toda Corporation constructed the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, which shows a good relationship between our company and the Vietnamese government. In the construction work in Vietnam, it takes longer time for approval by various government offices than in Japan, and the control of the process is important.

We have accumulated these know-hows based on our extensive experience over nearly 20 years in the field, including application procedures.
When customers expand into Vietnam, we not only design and construct facilities, but also provide services in every aspect, such as selecting a place to enter, establishing a company, and applying for various licenses.
Please contact well-experienced Toda Vietnam when planning construction in Vietnam.